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Live fish news of the staff


Leave the nest; the news of the young yellowtail sale campaign!

I leave the nest and usually sell 1kg1, 800 yen for 1,500 yen in young yellowtails. It is 1 truth around 6,000 yen.

Give life! I leave the nest, and young yellowtails are received!

I left the nest in the north rough sea, and the shipment of the young yellowtail began!
I leave the nest in the fish city, and a young yellowtail swims.
I sell a fence, sashimi, the ARA at the store.
Please call to the staff in the one which you leave the nest and sell from a young yellowtail, the half of the body swimming with a water tank casually.
I send it out nationwide.

Shrimp, water cuttlefish (hiika) unloading

Bottom seining fishing start on a voyage
Under a shrimp, water cuttlefish sorting
Water cuttlefish (hiika)
Bottom seining fishing began in June in the north rough sea.
A shrimp, a water cuttlefish, a pike conger, sea basses are landed, there is few it, and the fish catches are still small, but is delicious if boil the water cuttlefish to just smooth the shrimp upward, and leave the nest, and eat with soy sauce.
Please refer for the arrival situation.

From now on seasonal pike conger!

A fresh pike conger under the judgment!
The unloading of the pike conger beganSweat
I handle fresh katsu kino pike conger in the fish city and contribute it to the customer.
Please feel free to contact us in various one which you can cook which are recommended to pike conger desuyo - The face which enlarged the entrance, and smiledparboiling, tempura, fried food, soup, kabayaki from now on.

I leave the nest, and yellowtails are received!

The local north rough sea product left the nest and had yellowtails today
As you are received regularly, please refer for the arrival situation
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