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Live fish news of the staff


Today-limited news

Straight seaweed all-you-can-stuff
 One bag of 300 yen
It is finished as soon as approximately 50 kg-limited disappears
It is finished soon in a season
Straight seaweed to be able to taste only now
Please enjoy it.
I look forward to a visit

I accept the shipment of the sea bream

With none of the telephones
 I can eat sashimi.
Culture sea bream 1.6㎏
(approximately five portions)
Assorted sashimi made with a figure
In the case of shipment
・Gas flushing
・Skinning case
・Case with the skin
(with skin is recommended to sea bream shabu-shabu.)
I accept national shipment.
(the photograph is an image.)

Bargain of this week

 Super special price
 Naruto north rough sea product
  Wait for the whirling current; a slice
   100 yen right out running out of 1
 It is most suitable for vegetables and meat boiled hard with soy sauce foods grilled with salt teriyaki
 Please come to the store

The seventh new seaweed Festival & oyster Festival

Is great; did well
The nigiri-zushi of the fisherman is too quite popular and is sold out for approximately two hours
The all-you-can-stuff of the straight seaweed is prosperous very much‼
I fill it with mother and a child peacefully
Do not think of a tender scene; pashari
Please challenge all-you-can-stuff next year

Seaweed Festival & oyster Festival

Event preparations completion♪
✨ The first class fairy cycle ✨
  Please put it!
 It is finally held for two days from tomorrow!
  2018 seaweeds Festival & oyster Festival
      From 9:00 to 14:00 (rainy weather decisive action)
  ●All-you-can-stuff of the seaweed very popular with average years
  ●Dismantling show of the force perfect score tuna
  ●Behavior stew of the the first 1,000 people for free fisherman
  ●Lottery without the blank almost empty
   nadonado is delicious; is fun, but is varied‼
   I look forward to your visit.
<< north rough sea fishermen's cooperative association >> of Naruto-shi, Tokushima runs "a fish city" and "the fishermen's cooperative association dining room whirling current" using the seasonal fish which provide fresh fresh fish. The fresh fishery products which rich nature brought up look forward to it. Come by all means.
The city which is a slope
Fishermen's cooperative association dining room whirling current
Event information
List of fishermen's cooperative associations
"The way of judging classroom" of the fisherman
Try to be; hen

North rough sea fishermen's cooperative association
Ministry of Kitanadachoshukumodani, Naruto-shi, Tokushima character ka valley 23
TEL. 088-683-8137

・The city which is JF north rough sea Hill
・Fishermen's cooperative association dining room whirling current


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