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Live fish news of the staff


A bargain product!

Naruto north rough sea product
 The whirling current waits
  130 yen running out of slice 1
  140 yen running out of teriyaki 1
Naruto north rough sea product
 Barracuda difference airing
   One 120 yen
Naruto north rough sea product
 Natural Naruto sea bream (I take a scale, the internal organs finished)
   One 350 yen
 To taimeshi boiled and seasoned fish or vegetable grilled with salt!
I look forward to a visit.

Alfonsinos are available

Alfonsino from Tokushima
One 900-1300 yen
Sashimi boiled and seasoned fish or vegetable shabu-shabu
To nadonado, various dishes!
I look forward to a visit.

Among straight seaweed crops made specially in whirlpool!

"The Naruto seaweed" which grew up by an intense tide of Naruto
While doing stud in about November, and taking solar sunlight
Gain is just the end game the straight seaweed which greatly grew, too
A lot of dietary fiber is low-calorie and
Mineral potassium vitamins
But, it is abundant.
Being able to eat seasonal straight seaweed now
 From February to the middle of March
It is the season end soon.
I am selling it in 500g300 Japanese yen in the fish city!
Seaweed briskly raw wall thickness
Please enjoy it.

Today-limited news

Straight seaweed all-you-can-stuff
 One bag of 300 yen
It is finished as soon as approximately 50 kg-limited disappears
It is finished soon in a season
Straight seaweed to be able to taste only now
Please enjoy it.
I look forward to a visit

I accept the shipment of the sea bream

With none of the telephones
 I can eat sashimi.
Culture sea bream 1.6㎏
(approximately five portions)
Assorted sashimi made with a figure
In the case of shipment
・Gas flushing
・Skinning case
・Case with the skin
(with skin is recommended to sea bream shabu-shabu.)
I accept national shipment.
(the photograph is an image.)
<< the north rough sea fishermen's cooperative association >> of Naruto-shi, Tokushima runs "a fish city" providing fresh fresh fish. The fresh fishery products which rich nature brought up look forward to it. Come by all means.
The city which is a slope
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