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Person of sea n completion commemorative in vent
Person of sea n completion memory event
Autumn festival fair held news

I compare by comparing by eating, and drinking and will compare taste!
The date and time: Saturday, October 20
    10:00 a.m. ...
A place: The city which is JF north rough sea Hill
   (a ministry of Kitanadachoshukumodani, Naruto-shi character valley 23)

The highlight
Competition for drink of the local brew (free)

Sake brewery cooperation
Nishino Imperial mausoleum Sino-Japanese kind,
Origin of Naruto sea bream brewing Matsuura brewing ground
I compare by eating
Local ramen

Leave the nest; Awa love, mimakara ramen
I compare by eating three kinds (free)
Circle men noodle making place
I compare by eating
This business is Tokushima charm dispatch local production for local consumption promotion business.
Of the young yellowtail natural a way of sudachi compare by eating (free)
※I assume it the end as soon as I disappear.
In addition, I have it in various ways.
Please enjoy it.

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The city which is JF north rough sea Hill
TEL. 088-683-8137
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