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Mutter of the handsome staff

Fishing ground of the man


The cleaning of the sea!③

I was able to pick up all these driftwood in two hours.

The cleaning of the sea!②

Garbage becomes the circle if I come to the sea and drifts and takes it
When the driftwood is caught in a cultured net, and a fish comes on an entering net, komarunyona

The cleaning of the sea!

As a lot of driftwood which flowed by the heavy rain of a few days from July 6 from the mountain drifted on the sea, Ryoshi decided to set sail for marine garbage picking.
By a half past 4 a.m. meeting under a strategy meeting
Several people ride on one ship and, as a result of meeting, sail

A fishermen's cooperative association man's looks dining room! Under shooting

I am photographing the cable TV using a fish of the Takemiya season of the staff
Even a man cooks done dishessmiley
I want you to cook a fish to see this program broadcasting in whole Naruto-shi in the house

Under hamo osteotomy!

Height of osteotomy Chari Chari Chari Chari fever of the Takemiya pike conger of the staff
Thank you, I did a pike conger duringsmiley osteotomy today promptly
As a price is a reasonable price, please stop the all of you buying
As the sashimi is quite popular, please buy everybody.

morino Mimi is crowded; information


State of the whole experience of the seaweed

Is boots to a raincoat; completely
Cut; let's appear
Cannot catch it by the hand of the child; no
I harvest seaweed like a man in a trance
Small prawns omitsukeaikkoshitari
I am surprised at a big seaweed to look at for the first time and
I turn into green quickly
I am surprised at the shabu-shabu of the seaweed and
The experience that pleasant discovery is delicious
In this…It was all smile.
More and yet more
I am glad if he/she comes to like seaweed of Naruto
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