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Events are varied in the north rough sea fish city! 
I introduce the information that is full of charm.

Sea bream

It is ground fish landed off Naruto-shi north rough sea and a fishermen's cooperative association shop handling processed marine products, the souvenirs such as dried fish.

In addition, I sell the nature sea bream landed in a fixed shore net by the brand name called "Naruto north rough sea beppin sea bream". And "I leave the nest, and it is got close to many consumers, and, as for the cultured yellowtail proud of throughout the prefecture's leading amount of production, the culture seaweed is known to as "Naruto seaweed" of the whole country for the name of the yellowtail", too. The set meals using the ground fish are next to the fishermen's cooperative association dining room "whirling current" of the favorable reception. I look forward to your visit. 

Fishermen's cooperative association dining room whirling current

It is 088-682-0037 TEL
 Weekdays (from Monday to Friday)

from 10:00 to 16:00 (last order)
 Saturday and Sunday, celebration and tray, Golden Week, the year-end and New Year holidays
From 10:00 to 20:00 (last order)

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North rough sea fishermen's cooperative association


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