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Ranking of a souvenir and the liquor of popularity

Present popularity ranking No. 3 such as a midsummer gift, the year-end present, the memorial day

It is present popularity No. 1 to important one

Present (frozen product) to important one
I can send it to the important one that was taken care of, an important family. I am popular as a present including a midsummer gift, the year-end present, the memorial day.
A dried fish set: I assort it according to a budget and can set it. I ship the frozen product by black cat YAMATO courier service (the freezing service). I provide consultation.

Popular ranking TOP5 of the souvenir

Strongest popularity No. 1

Popular series crabbing salting seaweed
500 g of salting seaweeds (belonging to a core)
350 g of salting seaweeds (shimbatsu)
500 g of salting seaweed stem boiled in sweetened soy sauce stems
It is the series that I want to put one bag in the feel, resistance to the teeth, the refrigerator near life. Because a core ha, stem belonging to enter, I can enjoy resistance to the teeth. The person weak in a stem has only the leaf of the seaweed without core. Please choose him for preference. I accept national shipment (I save it in a refrigerator).

Leave the nest; No. 2

Popular series leaves the nest; fruit juice, ponzu vinegar
Tokushima of the taste leave the nest, marominoyukou, the citron of the fragrance
I leave the nest, and I leave the nest, and the fruit juice uses it by 100%.
I leave the nest, and the ponzu vinegar is the one which a fragrance wants to put in the home one in an expanse, a fish and a pan of the sudachi.
※Please enjoy the taste of each maker.

Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans No. 3

In popular series naruto iron
Call the Satsuma, Tokushima potato which met a severe condition "a bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans when it becomes" and have been got close for many years in the whole country. Above all, was shipped from JA Satonoura, and served as beautiful appearance and good-quality sweetness carefully; prepared it; when "become, call the bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans" with "a village daughter", and is known for one of the brand. It is delicious if overjoyed at gold when I will have a baked potato. Please enjoy it with a baked potato or the potato tempura.
I accept national shipment.

Popular ranking TOP5 of the liquor

Shochu popularity ranking No. 1

Real shochu 
Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans 25 degrees
I use a potato in the naruto iron which I made carefully in Tokushima. A nice smell when I steamed it indulgently features the potato and drifts after the distillation in the money which takes solar light full in the field of the sandy area, and grew up faintly. Please enjoy it with a straight, a lock or with hot water, whisky and water (6:4).

Shochu popularity ranking No. 2

Real potato shochu
Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans village daughter
When "the village daughter" brought up in the mineral-rich the sea sand becomes the warm climate, it is said to be the brand of the highest peak in a bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans. It is real potato shochu "Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans village daughter" that I use Naruto-shi JA village daughter from Satonoura by 100%, and was made with topping carefully. I finished it in yawarakadehokkoritoshita shochu while making use of potato original sweetness. Please enjoy mellow taste and subtle fragrance and sweetness with a lock and with hot water.

Shochu popularity ranking No. 3

In real potato shochu naruto iron 
Baked potato shochu
It is the real potato shochu which was fitted using a potato in money carefully when it becomes from Tokushima. Baked it brown so as to become brown a little; when become, potato nokoubashi fragrance and refined sweetness spread in a mouth with deep body in money. Please enjoy it with a lock, whisky and water, with hot water.


 Citron liquor
Voice from a customer
Delicious ... It is easy to drink.
I do not sell anywhere.
It is recommended from the staff.
Taste of the nature material, use of 45% of domestic citron fruit juice

Liqueur No. 2

Plum wine of Kamiyama
Storehouse elder for a long term for 7
Village Kamiyamacho of the history romance that the clear stream sweetfish bite river which assumes Shikoku Mountains a water source flows. I use only (bush warbler accommodation plum) selected carefully from Kamiyama-cho. With being additive-free; is ju nerukoto seven years by the aging. I extract citric acid and the mineral included in the plum enough and am the aged plum wine which repeated eternal time. Please enjoy it to a lock, soda percent, whisky and water and preference.
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