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The north rough sea fishermen's cooperative association direct shipment fresh restaurant

News of the restaurant renewal

News of the redecoration

To a customer
 News of the business hours change of the restaurant
For the full-scale remodeling in the shop, I am closed.
Merely thank you for a profit usually using a fishermen's cooperative association restaurant whirling current.
Let close for redecoration from March 16; hold it.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand it.
I construct it for completion for construction period, from March 16 to the beginning of July.
If a day of the reopening is fixed, I will tell you in HP.
To have favor it secondary to all of you, of a more delicious meal
I will make an effort aiming at an offer.
I look forward to it than your visit feeling.
                                       Group of north rough sea fishery cooperation
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