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Fishermen's cooperative association dining room whirling current


Business hours from November 1, 2019

Business hours from November 1

To a customer
Dear Sir or Madam, merely thank you for a profit using a fishermen's cooperative association restaurant whirling current every time. With way of working reform of the government, I will review the employment form. We tried for securing of staff to maintain the current situation, but do not change business hours; did not get it. Therefore, I change business hours as follows from November 1, 2019. I apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand it.
All the employees will make an effort aiming at the offer of a more delicious meal to have you favor it secondary to all of you. I look forward to it than your visit feeling.
                                             Yours sincerely,
                                       Fishermen's cooperative association restaurant whirling current
                                          All the employees
Weekdays (from Monday to Friday)
10:00-15:00 (the last receptionist)
Saturday, Sundays and holidays
10:00-15:00 (the last receptionist)
In the fishermen's cooperative association dining room whirling current, I have the delicious fisherman dishes using the fresh ground fish abundantly.
In "a discerning restaurant to be able to drop in at casually," please thoroughly enjoy the taste of the seasonal fish, taste depth.
I wait for all the staff.
Raw whitebait bowl
Raw whitebait bowl 1,300 yen
Small dish, pickle, with miso soup
※The raw whitebait by bad weather in the case of a poor catch
I may not do it.
Because the raw whitebait does not have fishing
It should be finished.
Fried oyster all-you-can-eat
The no marine products in the winter season-limited naruto or Shido, Kagawa product
Fried oyster all-you-can-eat 100 minutes 3,000 yen ...
White meal, juice, pickle (belonging to ice)
There are many sources. Please have various taste in the taste of the customer!
※Require reservation
A period: December 1, 2019 ...
Fishermen's cooperative association restaurant whirling current 
Seafood fried set
Seafood fried set [one portion]
Five kinds of seafood + vegetables 2,300 yen
Rice, juice are with a pickle for +200 yen
The rice another helping is free, too.
This is gusset sashimi
This is gusset sashimi 700 yen
The set meal is done for +200 yen, too.
Rice another helping is free.
※I lightly accept the limit. Ask it to the staff.
"The way of judging classroom" of the fisherman
Try to be; hen

North rough sea fishermen's cooperative association
Ministry of Kitanadachoshukumodani, Naruto-shi, Tokushima character ka valley 23
TEL. 088-683-8137

・The city which is JF north rough sea Hill
・Fishermen's cooperative association dining room whirling current


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