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With food coordinator Mr. Miwa Tanaka

Food coordinator Mr. Miwa Tanaka
Make the beginning ♪ It is Miwa Tanaka of the food coordinator.
I am from Tokushima, and I do Tokushima by "a meal" as a local food coordinator well! I am doing work to tell all of you about a delicious thing of Tokushima for a password in this.

Do it after the qualification of the food coordinator in 2005; a company!

Because it was raised in a motherless family, I keep dishes delicious simply which the family is pleased with as some life since a primary schoolchild in mind. I graduate from Tokushima commercial high school and, by the advice of the aunt, work at person with a physical disability facilities in Ishii-cho as "a member of cooking".
For ten years, please value taste of each person with a disability, elderly person, staff and acted as [I eat and am healthy] for the offer of the hot meal in a motto. I get married at the age of 22 years old in the private life. The next year delivery. A baby food, a lunch, an event meal continues making [the rice that a family is used to a smile] to a snack of the liquor of father every day more afterward.

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