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Instagram (I established it newly.)

The city which is JF north rough sea Hill
Instagram @jf.kitanada
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Live fish news of the staff


Under reservation acceptance for the first time in the year-end and New Year sudachi!

 The year-end and New Year holidays 
 Under acceptance for the first time in the sudachi!
Delivery day Friday, December 30
From 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Reservation deadline Sunday, December 25
It is usually 1,300 yen with 1 kg 1,500 a reservation privilege
★One is around 5 kg.
★I sell it from the half of the body.
★I customize it for three pieces of lowering free.
Recommended dishes
Yellowtail shabu-shabu, concrete facing, sashimi
I bake it with carpaccio, olive oil and the salt and pepper of the yellowtail
I match Western-style dishes well.

Drying a fish whole of the truth sardine

A truth sardine is whole dried.
 I dried north truth sardine from rough sea in the sun.
It is a product of the privileged marketeer mind that is a slope.
I want to buy it once again once if I eat.
It is popular one article that a repeater does not die out.
The taste is lightly-salted and I bake it and can eat it entirely.
(please leave the person whom the head is hard for to deal with)
Please have the truth sardine that calcium is plentiful.

Leave the nest; a state of the yellowtail unloading

 I leave the nest and try to be you and am received! I make a reservation.
Delicious reason
Of tides pride, world's three biggest as for the tide of Naruto Channel with the best speed in Japan
It is said to be one. Naruto Channel that is located the west
There is the speed of the passage of opportunity, too and the quality of the water is very good and is suitable for breeding
ta environment is regulated well.
The taste that sudachi brings!
Vitamins, calcium are included in a rind of a fruit of the sudachi abundantly.
A lot of vitamin E be included in an edible part for the first time in the sudachi than a general culture yellowtail
teirukotoga was confirmed.
By the vitamins antioxidant action, prevent oddity, light taste
There is not a smell in this, and the feature is that it is easy to eat.
※State of the unloading

State of the October unloading

Fish seasonal in October
Barracuda, truth horse mackerel, boze
Please see barracuda, truth horse mackerel, boze photograph.
The horse mackerel is sashimi and foods grilled with salt look zushi ...
Suppose; finish; a simple recipe
①Three pieces of barracudas make lowering.
➁Please prepare shiso, ume flesh.
③You put shiso on the barracuda which you made three pieces of lowering, and pick up ume flesh on the top
I wind it up round and round and stab you with a toothpick.
④I draw tappurimeni oil and panfry it and am completed.
It is by delicious how to eat. You try it and see it, and appear. It is dishes method of the Ryoshi pride in this.

Introduction of the fish seasonal in June

Fish seasonal in June
Water cuttlefish, shrimp, small large prawns, barracuda, complaint, truth octopus
News of the June morning market
The date and time: Saturday, June 11
   8:00 a.m. ...
 I sell it on the spot at a beach level price. 
The scenery of the photograph is the setting sun setting in Nada, Harima that I looked at from the ship of the north rough sea offing.
The setting sun sets in the sea when I run in along the shore by car
I always think that I want to keep this scenery to eyes and do a stripe.
Please enjoy the scenery.
<< the north rough sea fishermen's cooperative association >> of Naruto-shi, Tokushima runs "a fish city" providing fresh fresh fish. The fresh fishery products which rich nature brought up look forward to it. Come by all means.
The city which is a slope
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