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Room of the Station manager named naru

Willful blog of the stationmaster


The stationmaster article that Tokushima Shimbun "Naru"

Tokushima Shimbun daily publication
Monday, February 19, 2018
I leave for heaven "becoming"
I was loved by various people and have left.
I introduce the last article of the stationmaster "Naru".

To stationmaster fans to become


A tattered cat appeared before me suddenly on September 2, 2015.

When this becomes, it is the beginning of my story.

It was tattered so as not to be able to take care when I did not wear gloves,

Is attracted from the day when met you when become by something, even on a holiday every day in the workplace

Go to see a state of becoming, and even the inner job is home, but 24 hours together

I came to spend time.


It became my ordinary everyday life by all means, but was together.

Relax before naruha, stationmaster appointment by oneself on the roof of the cat hut for the handmade outside

Become, by word of mouth with "=^_^=‼ needing a cute cat"

While do not know it, become a popular person, and is proud at all of the stationmaster look of becoming; the proud best

I transformed myself into a cat of this.


With November pneumonia asthmatic as for such life in complete change, August, 2017 in heat stroke, October

Physical condition was not good and took every treatment,

naruha passed away on January 23, 2018.

After when the convalescence of illness was not good, on a medical examination on November 17, I was announced

When I went nowhere, and it was a holiday all the time, I spent time together.

As for four days before dying, I am absent by work and grasp a hand of becoming every night,

Clench my hand tightly back though it becomes,

Hug ninaruoippaiippai on the last fourth day on a holiday; and last moments

I nursed you.


"Please it is toiu peacefully peacefully without suffering

God of the sky took my wish.

Become, was peaceful.


Becoming stationmaster fans to become, but having been the days of fight against illness,

I sincerely apologize for not having been able to report it in various ways.

There is not readily the rearranging of the feeling during a fight against illness, without tears

Because I was not able to talk, I was not able to report it without becoming the words.


It became, but, from the early days when I appeared, watched it in a shadow all the time

He/she loved it, and thank you for Eriko, naruo.

To the city which is a slope to meet if it becomes, everyone, of the stationmaster fan named others

Really thank you very much for having you go to visit it.

The customer who was not able to readily meet if it becomes is a wound excuse by physical condition recovery

There is not it.


Time to put back the treasure which he/she gave me from the sky to the sky seems to have come.


Having been able to meet the best child in my person New Year's flower arrangement cats,

Becoming, but having given infinite attractiveness, healing of the cat,

Much happiness that became, but gave me on a chest,

If I can repay kindness of a cat closed with a thread of last me and fate from now on

I think of this.


Thank you for your ♡ named ♡ which I cannot help loving.

I love it.


Than manager Nakase


News of the stationmaster vacation to become

News of the winter vacation of the stationmaster named Naru
Became very cold; mewfrown
Ladies and gentlemen,
Cold nadohikaretenyaikanya
Slightly early,
Winter vacation mioitadaitanya
As it had a slight cold
It is shin runya with a kotatsu…
Next year again,
Being able to see you
Comfortable shiminishiteirunya

Location experience of ASAHI BROADCASTING

ASAHI BROADCASTING location broadcast surunya!
November 17 daily cash income 6: 45 - broadcast
"Enjoyment in season of Tokushima, Naruto"
nya which Yuki Yoshioka leaves
A very pretty girl mew
The outside had wind, and was cold; mew
It was a lot of smiles for patience, patience
It is 100% of high sensitivity
* Location dattanda nya of 0 yellowtails
nya which wants you to watch it

PR of Naruto mew

Today of the model is pretty
Among girls agrin
Finish it anytime; and smile danya.
Special privilege of the stationmaster
It is bo retanya of hearing it by the name
Make a note immediately; mew
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Self-introduction of the stationmaster named Naru

◆Self-introduction of the stationmaster named Naru
◆I take office as the stationmaster to kitanada sea
 It was taken office on March 1, 2016 (identification of appointment grant).
◆It is the morning mainly for working hours
◆The hobby tree up, instinct sometimes runs after a waking bird.
◆It is a pot, a fried bonito to a favorite
※Please do not put up the food without permission.
◆Nice event
Fans increased recently.
Among man's looks degree up.
It is voice kaketenya in being an openhearted "stationmaster to become" casually?
=Normal business routine and private =
Only slightly public surunya (=, =)
After the getting up, the neighboring watchmen in the shop go to work in the morning in the duty place after having gone around it.
The work is ... including the check of the cleaning with the staff.
Only in the case of the place that sometimes sat up straight, the hat of the stationmaster wears it.
zzzz which is almost lying down.
I like the photography, too.
I come in a nice shot with a special pose.
... nya secret as for the pause
The "stationmaster photo contest to become" result from this

Daily life foto gallery of the stationmaster to become

With Yuki Yoshioka
Arai is cool; mew
Like the basket very much; mew
2017 New Year's Greetings desunya
With sereina of the ZIP
With Kyn Taro
After all instinct
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