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Association guidance

 There is it, and the nature fish of various kinds are landed, and our fishermen's cooperative association sells the nature sea bream which, above all, is landed in a fixed shore net to environment having the good fishing ground of the early tide from Naruto Channel by the brand name of "the Naruto north rough sea beppin sea bream" having a shoreline of East-West 17km to be located at northwest (Kagawa prefectural border) of Naruto-shi, Tokushima.
 In addition, "I leave the nest, and it is got close to many consumers, and, as for the cultured yellowtail proud of throughout the prefecture's leading amount of production, the culture seaweed is known to as "Naruto seaweed" of the whole country for the name of the yellowtail", too.
 Well, vision since I took office as an ealdorman in "the JF north rough sea fish city", production (unloading) of the fisherman → Processing → The sixth industry of the fishery such as the sale is the model who aimed at becoming it, and the north rough sea fishermen's cooperative association declares "security, relief" and is a direct sale place to run (April, 2011 establishment). It is the ground fish landed off Naruto-shi north rough sea and a fishermen's cooperative association shop handling processed marine products (dried fish), souvenirs mainly. I look forward to your visit.
 Finally customers of the whole country come in peace and aim at the making of shop loved again by areas, and all the staff want to try it hard.
November, 2015
The north rough sea fishermen's cooperative association
Representative director ealdorman Arihiro Matsushita

JF general plan

One. We protect the sea and, with all people enjoying the blessing of the sea, bring it up, and let's succeed it to the next generation.
One. As a leading figure of the provand, let's supply security, relief, fresh fishery products.
One. I deepen interchange with the people of a city, the farming and mountain village and mend a certain vigor fishing village.
One. By the use, participation of JF, let's raise cooperative result.
One. On the basis of independence, independence, democratic administration, let's run JF soundly.
One. We learn a cooperative idea, and let's pursue a purpose of life through practice together.

Association summary

■Association nameNorth rough sea fishermen's cooperative association
■The location〒771-0374 Ministry of Kitanadachoshukumodani, Naruto-shi, Tokushima character ka valley 1-1
■Phone number[court noble] 088-682-0011 [freezing department] 088-682-0113
■FAX number[court noble] 088-682-0006 [freezing department] 088-682-0113
■RepresentativeRepresentative director ealdorman Arihiro Matsushita

The city which is JF north rough sea Hill

■The locationMinistry of Kitanadachoshukumodani, Naruto-shi, Tokushima character ka valley 23
■Phone number088-683-8137
■FAX number088-683-8137


Job title Full name
Representative director ealdorman Arihiro Matsushita
Masashi Kusaka
Hirotoshi Yoneda
Law of nature     Thing
Shinji Shinomiya
The island interest beauty
Shigefumi Nakasuji
Representative inspector Toyoji Shimizu
Junji Ogawa
[the staff]
Job title
Full name
san     Thing Rikio Kikukawa
rei     to
Atsushi Otsuka
han     bai
Takuya Ishimoto
Sale general affairs, mutual aid
Yoshiko Isozaki
Midori Inoue
Direct sale place
Keiko Nakase
The sunrise beauty in Hara
One Daisen
Sickle Hiroshi Tani
Hiroyuki Kagamihara
Koji Ohodo

Isamu Minami dream

Traffic access

[address] ministry of 〒 771-0374 Kitanadachoshukumodani, Naruto-shi, Tokushima character ka valley 23
[means of transportation] is a car in an aspect western than whirlpool IC; from approximately ten minutes / Hiketa IC is approximately 15 minutes by car on the east surface
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