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Of wild cat nyanko is a diary faintly

Diary of wild cat nyanko


Is it the kitanada sea station probation stationmaster?

The kitanada sea station
Probationary stationmaster konatsu you
A birthday: October, 2018
The name: konatsu
Character: I behaved like a baby by mischief
A special ability: The vehicle is all right.
Pride: The body is excellent at touch

Who is it? Who is it? This kitten

Who is it? ? ?
This puss

I love yapparichuru

I love chu - ru!
Hmm, it is ... Please more
Demand good camel
I stand up and am well-mannered.
Therefore it is ...
Please when I have. Hey

Father playing an active role in child-raising cat ☆boy

Today's haiku
As for the boss cat
 Do an ikatsui face
   Daddy father playing an active role in child-raising
               To be continued.

Father playing an active role in child-raising cat ☆boy

Do you like the cat, everyone?
The woman staff of the fish city loves cats
It is healed very much that a cat is in the workplace.
Wild cat gussanha, face hatotemo ikatsuku,
omememo is small!
Anyway, it is small!
A honest place "is clumsy" (no Д`)
By all odds "I am plain" (no Д`)
Threaten it, and it is said a sweet bite a Shah Shah; and ...
But I cannot ignore the weak constitution,
Give it medicine, and a hut product ttaride,
It is the guy whom a pickpocket pickpocket has a cute to a foot about for half a year in ... now.
But never touch it, and ‼ is dangerous ⚠.
After sonnagussammo, a son appeared suddenly,
I do care in constant attendance on a son all the time,
Gentle father playing an active role in child-raising cat ☆boy.
gussan! Will thank you from now on.
               To be continued.
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