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Of north Nada-cho stop by; and "play] information

A memory and the history of the trip rotate if I walk north Nada-cho

・Introduction of the restaurant of the seafood
・Introduction of superb view View Point
・I make a tour of traditional culture and the power spots
  Of north Nada-cho stop by; and the information
  Traditional festival, introduction of the meal of the festival
  I send information in local Nara.
  Please enjoy it.
                North rough sea fishermen's cooperative association area promotion room

North rough sea map

▼ English version

North rough sea map English

▼ Korean version

North rough sea map Korean

▼ Chinese edition

North rough sea map Chinese

Visiting north rough sea hometowns map

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▼ Korean version

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Very fresh bower
Address 56-1, Nagahama, Kitanadachoozu
Telephone 090-8285-5988
Business hours 10:00-19:00
Regular holiday Wednesday
New ramen shop
Address 53-1-2, Sakurai, Kitanadachoorino
Business hours 10:00-15:00
 It is without holiday on a regular holiday 
Hotel golf course
gurandoekushibu Naruto
It is three Tsu 167-3 in address Kitanadachoorino
Telephone 088-683-8111
It is without holiday on a regular holiday
Seaside cafe AO in Seto
Address 56, Sakurai, Kitanadachoorino
Telephone 088-682-0780
Business hours 11:30-17:00
Regular holiday Sunday and Monday
Production, sale of the tofu
The Crown Prince shop
Address Kitanadachoorino mansion 71-1
Telephone 088-683-8118
Business hours 8:30-17:00
Regular holiday Thursday
Address Kitanadachoorino east ground 300-4
Telephone 088-682-0141
Business hours weekdays 9:00-17:00
     Saturday and Sunday, celebration 9:00-19:00
Regular holiday Tuesday (in the case of a holiday business, the next day rest)
Gallery cafe
Hill, run awaiting wind
Address Kitanadachoorino east ground 312-3
Telephone 088-682-0015
Business hours 9:00 - 17:00 (L.O 16:00)
Regular holiday Tuesday, no fixed holiday
The selling directly to the consumer place kitanada sea station
The city which is JF north rough sea Hill
Ministry of address Kitanadachoshukumodani character ka valley 23
Telephone 088-683-8137
Business hours from 8:30 to 17:00
It is without holiday on a regular holiday
Seafood sale
The bird ka-maru fisheries
It is 3-4 in address Kitanadachooura Mukaiyama no
Telephone 088-682-0242
Business hours 9:00-18:00
It is without holiday on a regular holiday
Seafood, sale
Person of bimbi
Address Kitanadachoawata hashika valley 20-2
Telephone 088-682-0023
Business hours 9:00 - 21:00 (L.O 20:30)
It is without holiday on a regular holiday
Coffee rest
Address 18-3, Kitanadachoawata
Telephone 088-682-0501
Business hours 8:00-17:00
Regular holiday Sunday
Seafood, sale
Katayama fisheries
Address 16-1, Okishi, Kitanadachoawata
Telephone 088-682-0366
Business hours 11:00-21:00
Regular holiday Tuesday (I do business without taking a rest for the New Year holidays)
Souvenir, fruits and vegetables
marushio fruits and vegetables
Address Kitanadachokushiki Nishiyama 198-3
Telephone 088-688-0877
Business hours 9:30-18:00
Regular holiday Wednesday
Souvenir, fruits and vegetables
satoya farm direct sale place
Address 46-4, Takeshita, Kitanadachokushiki
Telephone 088-688-0390
Business hours 9:00-17:00
Regular holiday no fixed holiday
café cafe
COFFEEHOUSE mountain pass
Address Kitanadachokushiki roar 14-1
Telephone 088-688-0964
Business hours 7:00-17:00
Regular holiday no fixed holiday

Shinto shrine, temple

House of Mt. Tokai Hoji ogre bone temple

Description of relationship

It is the open basis of the propagating Buddhism Great Teacher "sky Sea" in Emperor Saga dynasty 811 (Christian era 811 years).

It was called an ogre field (onino) at the time of the old days, but a popular name was it in a place called "Iwaya of the ogre", and I put parents and children together there, and an ogre of 4 hiki lived in the place that entered the approximately 6 kilos heart of a mountain from the shore of Nada, Harima.

The minor court lady of the ex-emperor the initiator Honen holy priest "source sky" of the Jodo sect of Buddhism at the time "a cricket "initiate a bell cricket" into kai.

And I was banished to an island as the punishment to country "Kochi" of Tosa because I made two people a nun. (1207, Christian era 1207) at the time of Honen holy priest 75 years old

The parents of the ogre were sick and, in the occasion, just suffered and were in trouble on this occasion when I dropped in at country "Kagawa" of Sanuki at one time and appeared to the offing of Nada, Harima by a boat. I did it how, and the ogre of the child seemed to demand help from Honen holy priest as but it was not cured. The holy priest granted "operation of the prolongation of life" (I can sing with south no Amitabha) and deciphered a law of nature of the cause and effect necessity and showed it.

I returned to "Iwaya of the ogre" where parents suffered from hastily, and the ogre of the child advocated "an operation of the prolongation of life" hard.

After (the source sky) finishing a crime as for the holy priest, and visiting the offing of here again in the middle of way home, a purple cloud hung over the sky of that "Iwaya of the ogre". The holy priest confessed that after being able to send a thought pupil to the ground strangely, parent and child of the ogre often harmed to a human being when they came out to a human dwelling so far and nailed the head over the rock and killed myself. I seemed to bury the ashes in the built material of the temple dedicated to the Physician of Souls as of a take-out.

I rebuilt this temple which went to ruin because Awa provincial governor Yoshiaki Ogasawara allotted suidensanchoho and did not pray ogres' soul may rest in peace and it was ardent and buried it afterwards.

Thereafter I changed Yakushi-ji Temple, and a title of Buddhist temple came to be named "an ogre bone temple" then.






Shinto shrine, temple

God Katsuragi Shrine of the "me"

Katsuragi Shrine is God who is famous as "God of eyes" in Naruto-shi. When was made a tour of inspection by ship, the word chief god joined in Kyushu, too, and was on the way, and, as for the reason of "God of eyes", the 39th Emperor Tenji dropped in at the beach of Awata (place with Katsuragi Shrine) and was stayed, the horse which got on on the way to the upper of the valley trips on a tangle to do the fishing of a carp and the crucian carp once, and the word chief god falls from a horse. It was promised on this occasion what protection did as sacred rites of Tokushima, the thick twill Shinto shrine for people who suffered from the illness of eyes without after washing eyes with well water and a medicinal herb on one day when I hit eyes on a stump of the bamboo, and the word chief god that eyes were had trouble of for this remained to one Awata for good self-care, being said to be it when an eye disease was cured, and forgetting that the pleased word chief god suffered from an eye disease. Thereafter it became famous as "God of eyes of Naruto" because there were many people "who after praying in Katsuragi Shrine, recovered from the illness of eyes" without growing for a worshiper as for the big bamboo and the tangle in the parishioner area.







Sculpture park

Introduction of the sculpture park
The perfect driveway where the whirling current romantic coastal highway running in along the shore can enjoy beautiful scenery. The relief which I drew Awa Folk Dance or a whirling current is displayed in the wall surface along the road.
"The sculpture park" located in the middle of the coastal highway considers the placement with the sea and the islands where the work of the young sculptor spreads through around a row, and I am attracted by made direction.
The harmony that the natural beauty and the artificial beauty weave is right an impressive park. A solar sunset sinking into the sea in the evening in particular is very romantic.







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