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Room of the Station manager named naru

Willful blog of the stationmaster


I am careful about catnapers

I am careful about catnapers
The cat which aims at a truth sardine
Discovery saretasodanya
If discover it, is satsu ttekudasainya in a photograph.

Watch turn of the sardine

Of the popularity of the fish city
Watch the fish dried whole of the sardine; mew
I love neighboring cat, too
Sharp inya. . . .
The customer who bought a sardine
Delicious. I say
Is very glad; mew. Today mogambarunya (^^♪

Present of the photograph

ki shiidekigotogaattanya!
A customer presented a photograph; mew
('* `)
It is hypergoshitekuretanya together for one day.
True niarigatougozaimashitanya
Man's looks mew 
But Valentine moraenakattanya ... (';ω; `)
nya to expect in the next year

Quality control check of the seaweed

Report surunya of today's work
The seaweed Ryoshi early in the morning on a ship
To take it; line kunya.
And it is bai rarerunya in the shop of the fish city
Thank you for your work at cold time
Delicious seaweeds being always eaten
Fisherman sannookagedesudanya.
With the preparations for tomorrow seaweed festival
Of the seaweed must check it
Work, shijibo shiinya!

How did you spend New Year holidays?


A Happy New Year mew


Kadomatsu of the fish city be cleared up in yesterday, too

The feeling is over for New Year holidays, too

This year is work surunya of the stationmaster, too


It is up surunya with a state of the first job


 Looking around rigatsuraikendonya ... outside only to a cat.

nya which does its best.


The fans of the stationmaster who is this year

 I would like it

Self-introduction of the stationmaster named Naru

◆Self-introduction of the stationmaster named Naru
◆I take office as the stationmaster to kitanada sea
 It was taken office on March 1, 2016 (identification of appointment grant).
◆It is the morning mainly for working hours
◆The hobby tree up, instinct sometimes runs after a waking bird.
◆It is a pot, a fried bonito to a favorite
※Please do not put up the food without permission.
◆Nice event
Fans increased recently.
Among man's looks degree up.
It is voice kaketenya in being an openhearted "stationmaster to become" casually?
=Normal business routine and private =
Only slightly public surunya (=, =)
After the getting up, the neighboring watchmen in the shop go to work in the morning in the duty place after having gone around it.
The work is ... including the check of the cleaning with the staff.
Only in the case of the place that sometimes sat up straight, the hat of the stationmaster wears it.
zzzz which is almost lying down.
I like the photography, too.
I come in a nice shot with a special pose.
... nya secret as for the pause
The "stationmaster photo contest to become" result from this

Daily life foto gallery of the stationmaster to become

With Yuki Yoshioka
Arai is cool; mew
Like the basket very much; mew
2017 New Year's Greetings desunya
With sereina of the ZIP
With Kyn Taro
After all instinct
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