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Live fish news of the staff


Introduction of the takoyaki with WAKAME

New product
Takoyaki with WAKAME
wakameiritako firing release start
A JF north rough sea woman part will release the takoyaki which seaweed fully entered.
About the ingredients of the inside seaweed, an octopus, an onion
I need 15 minutes for firing at time.

I released the taste of the spring sea bream

Pride of the city where one of "katsu kigaii" is a slope
There is katsu kigaiiniha reason.
The natural sea bream landed off 1 north Nada-cho is carried to the city which is a slope immediately.
This is because it is the city which is a slope of 2 north Nada-cho fishermen's cooperative association direct management.
The fresh fish which 3 fishermen choose is delicious.
I improve a state of the unloading of the spring sea bream in a photograph.
 I send it out nationwide.
 ・Please have it as sea bream shabu-shabu and sashimi firing.
 ・Do sea bream shabu-shabu recently after having eaten sashimi; and 2 degrees taste
 I enjoy it.
Is delicious in a Tokushima dialect; appear. Eat

A Happy New Year.

A Happy New Year.
I express congratulatory address of the New Year heartily.
Thanks to you, I was able to greet the New Year for the first time since I received the authorization of "the kitanada sea station".
I appreciate this with a gift of the support of all of you entirely.
Still less change this year as push on for duties with more good faith; hope that have favor it
All the JF north rough sea fish city staff

It is reopened about store expansion!

I received authorization at last as "the kitanada sea station" on October 10 and held a commemorative ceremony on November 21. A successful meeting was able to finish it thanks to your understanding and cooperation.
I give thanks some other time.
The shop is ...
The shop becomes very bright widely and has you call out from a customer saying it is saying "it is wide and became spirited". Please drop in once.
<< the north rough sea fishermen's cooperative association >> of Naruto-shi, Tokushima runs "a fish city" providing fresh fresh fish. The fresh fishery products which rich nature brought up look forward to it. Come by all means.
The city which is a slope
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