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Spring sea bream Festival
Spring sea bream Festival
Saturday, April 22, 2023
8:00-12:00 (rain or shine)

★The north rough sea, natural Naruto sea bream
I sell it on the spot with the beach level
[free of charge cooking until three pieces of lowering]
 ※A sellout is too unpleasant to accept

★Nigiri-zushi of the fisherman
 I sell it from 1 kan 100 yen!
・Way of sudachi, cultured sea bream
・Tuna salmon prawns
★Behavior stew of the fisherman
 The first 1,000 people (free)

★Lot without the blank
[I draw lots because of a purchase 1,500 yen or more once]
The first class LCD television
The second class bicycle
The third class JF north rough sea fish city gift certificate 5,000 yen
Fresh restaurant meal ticket 5,000 yen such as 4
Natural Naruto sea breams (one) such as 5 (cook it.)

★Toyoko Takase songs show 9:00 ...
(the kitanada sea station observation deck)

Branch sale
◎Taimeshi, fish fry, others
[the north rough sea fishermen's cooperative association woman part]
◎Sea bream ramen, sea bream rice ball
[the noodles shop Ebisu-maru]
◎Hot dog, sandwich
◎Deep-fried sudachi, long potato
[dekopon garden]

The city which is JF north rough sea Hill

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