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Live fish news of the staff


Introduction of the fish seasonal in June

Fish seasonal in June
Water cuttlefish, shrimp, small large prawns, barracuda, complaint, truth octopus
News of the June morning market
The date and time: Saturday, June 11
   8:00 a.m. ...
 I sell it on the spot at a beach level price. 
The scenery of the photograph is the setting sun setting in Nada, Harima that I looked at from the ship of the north rough sea offing.
The setting sun sets in the sea when I run in along the shore by car
I always think that I want to keep this scenery to eyes and do a stripe.
Please enjoy the scenery.

Introduction of the takoyaki with WAKAME

New product
Takoyaki with WAKAME
wakameiritako firing release start
A JF north rough sea woman part will release the takoyaki which seaweed fully entered.
About the ingredients of the inside seaweed, an octopus, an onion
I need 15 minutes for firing at time.

I released the taste of the spring sea bream

Pride of the city where one of "katsu kigaii" is a slope
There is katsu kigaiiniha reason.
The natural sea bream landed off 1 north Nada-cho is carried to the city which is a slope immediately.
This is because it is the city which is a slope of 2 north Nada-cho fishermen's cooperative association direct management.
The fresh fish which 3 fishermen choose is delicious.
I improve a state of the unloading of the spring sea bream in a photograph.
 I send it out nationwide.
 ・Please have it as sea bream shabu-shabu and sashimi firing.
 ・Do sea bream shabu-shabu recently after having eaten sashimi; and 2 degrees taste
 I enjoy it.
Is delicious in a Tokushima dialect; appear. Eat

A Happy New Year.

A Happy New Year.
I express congratulatory address of the New Year heartily.
Thanks to you, I was able to greet the New Year for the first time since I received the authorization of "the kitanada sea station".
I appreciate this with a gift of the support of all of you entirely.
Still less change this year as push on for duties with more good faith; hope that have favor it
All the JF north rough sea fish city staff

It is reopened about store expansion!

I received authorization at last as "the kitanada sea station" on October 10 and held a commemorative ceremony on November 21. A successful meeting was able to finish it thanks to your understanding and cooperation.
I give thanks some other time.
The shop is ...
The shop becomes very bright widely and has you call out from a customer saying it is saying "it is wide and became spirited". Please drop in once.
<< the north rough sea fishermen's cooperative association >> of Naruto-shi, Tokushima runs "a fish city" providing fresh fresh fish. The fresh fishery products which rich nature brought up look forward to it. Come by all means.
The city which is a slope
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